If I could walk for you
I would gladly walk for miles
Barefoot on rocks and glass
Burning embers and barbed wires
Fearless in every step slowly putting
Out the fires in your legs
Before you find a place to rest them.

If I could see for you
I would travel every day
Photograph the world
Looking through the lens
Seeing your reflection
In the shapes of many things
Remembering every sunrise
Every sunset.

If I could keep you with me.
I would hold you in my pocket.
Carry you through my every day
As I do.
Where my heart is with you.
The presence really isn’t.
But my mind is always wandering
Back to that girl, Jessie June
Where you drove me to the store
On sunday afternoons.
Noticing I was barefoot
You’d casually pick me up
And carry me across the hot paved parking lot.
And you walked for me.
Gave me eyes to see.
Sheltering me from
Anything that hurt.
Teaching me how to walk
Teaching me how to see
Inside the lens
Out in the world
Like a Seifert.

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