I’d love to wrap you in my seasons
My Spring
Where my moments bloom into
Quiet music that crescendos with
The birds song at the break of dawn.
And I wrap myself in sheets on my front
Porch swing after waking
Watching the flowers open
To the break of the sun.
And while the warmth sets against my shoulders
I drop the sheet to let the light in
And swallow my soul for a moment in time.
As long as I close my eyes.
I want to wrap you in my Summer.
The hot, sultry heat that breaks my sweat
And drips into the lines that feed my body
Sparkling wet
Like the dew on the morning grasses
I brush my feet over
Before the sun dries them up quickly
And the beautiful lace of spiderwebs disappear
As if they were never there.
Yet I still see them.
Warm and naked in the light
Of night
Only visible by candles in the dark
That hold your heart
In a flame
I want to kiss you with my Fall.
My hair dropping softly
Against the edges of your face
My body taking over every sense
Of you in space
Covering you like leaves in the
Wet forest that I sleep in
In my dreams
I want you to hold me in my Winter.
When I wake up in the morning
Before I wake up in the morning
Fill the empty cold, dark space
Of the seasons spent without you
The Springs and Summers laughter
The Fall and Winter splintering
Into the dreams that I chase after.
Loving you.
For so many reasons.
I want to give my world to you.
I want to wrap you in my seasons.



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