When you make love
It begins in the morning
Where you lie in bed
Waiting for his eyes to open
And when they do
You smile
And reach out with your hand
Into his heart
And pull out the blanket
That love wraps you in.
You make love at sunrise
While he touches your soul
And you lock eyes
With a perfect reflection of you.
And every moment spent
Without your touch
Too much
As it is new.
Where hours spent
I’ve dreamed of it
Covered in you
The pulling of the sheets
Against my skin
The painted patterns
Of night closing in
Where your shadow
Dissolves into the dreams that
I lie in.
And writhe inside my mind
Until I’m crying
Where you make love
To my mind every morning
Until I can touch your face
My eyes are open.
And I sleep in the dream
Of a dying dove
Once you Start
You never Stop
Making Love.

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