The Wait

I’ve hid my bits of poetry
Kept them long enough for you to see
Should I give away my lines for free?
Oh please give me the inspiration
That’s let me be.
Sleep when I close my eyes
Tell me truth
Don’t tell me lies
I’m made of the innocence
You’ve not disregarded
Did you hear me crying
While my eyes were wet
Did you see me?
Nobody stopped to hear me.
I sang so sweet and kind
They passed my music by
But you stopped
Stood still
And without will.
Saw the love in me
In the bits of poetry that
Fell from my music
My hair
The chaos of my freedom being born
Where you swallow my mind like a warm wet storm that creeps into your pillow at dawn. Let me find you.
Close in.
Surround you.
Hear my voice.
Hear me dying.
Feel my lightning.
I’m restless love too.
I’m trying.
To keep warm
I’m wasting.
In the storm.

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