I can not not touch you.
While you stand there.
Where my eyes can’t see.
Where my heart feels
You at my window
And I open it.
Wide open I let the light in.
The wind.
Your shadow.
I smell the soft
Lit embers that I burn
Turn inside my body
Where you are my fire
Let it burn.
I can not realize the love I’m in
Or the freedom it’s awakened
Taste me before I
Shut my window
Feel my face.
Let your hands forget yourself.
Fall apart.
With me
I can not not touch you.
Let my mind explode you.
Let you touch me
I’m inside the mind I love for five minutes.
But that’s all I have.
Your freedom is too much
Makes my body turn
My love rush
Into the fire
You’ve earned.
Watch me burn.

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